Friday, September 20, 2013

Designer 101 - Things every Client should know..

Photo Credit: Colin Harmon.
Alot of the times we have clients who ask for the impossible and lots of times, we as designers would love to tell them, "to go to hell". But sadly, after lots of deliberation we decide against our better judgement. This list contains a few of the things every client should know, when hiring a graphic designer. 

1. Freelance doesn't mean FREE
A professional graphic artist, a freelancer puts in alot of effort, such as researching your brand, company, personal taste and your competitors to ensure you receive a quality design worthy of your business goals and a paycheck.

2. Can you just Photoshop it: NO..!
Yes as designers we can use all the latest design tools but we are more than that. We know all the principles and elements of good design. Trust in your designer to give you what you are paying for. For example tell your designer that you want colours that attract males, instead of just saying..Make it Blue.

3. Less is More. White Space Rules!
Why respect white space? A minimalistic view is elegant, white space attracts attention and gives design a level of sophistication. A design that stands out has the right balance of white space and information.

4. You get what you Pay for.
Great design takes time and effort. Time, effort and expertise is not cheap. Enough Said..

5. I believe, You believe..
Hire a designer who believes what you do. Although unrelated to graphic design. Individuals with a similar work ethic and like morals tend to produce quality work. For example a graphic designer who is also an animal rights activist may not design on advertising campaigns for products where animal testing is condoned. It isn't always about the money.

Feel free to add to the list via the comments section..